Marshall's Farm Honey - American Canyon Napa Valley

Marshall’s Farm Honey


Marshall’s Farm Honey in the Napa Valley produces the finest in natural organic gourmet honey from the mountains, valleys, seacoasts and back yards of the San Francisco Bay area.

Their honey is raw, 100% pure, unheated, uncooked, unfiltered, natural & certified kosher. You will see natural pollens floating in the honey because they use no pumps, pipes or filters when extracting and hand-bottling pure local California & West Coast honeys.

Visitors and honey fans are always welcome to buzz on by  Marshall’s Farm Flying Bee Ranch to enjoy a sweet experience.  You can look around the honey house and see how they extract and bottle the honey, you can taste & purchase honey bottled on the spot just for you, and you can watch a short film and bring your own picnic lunch. No reservation needed.

Marshall’s Farm Honey

159 Lombard Rd, American Canyon, CA 94503, USA