Le Paris Artisan Cafe - American Canyon Napa Valley

Le Paris Artisan Cafe


Le Paris Artisan & Gourmet Cafe serves up impeccably made, French-inspired baked goods and sandwiches  and is a Napa Valley favorite in American Canyon. While the shop has only been open for a few years, they’ve already left their mark with decadent treats and savory snacks for all to love right here in American Canyon.

Owner/pastry chef, Jay Magsano, opened the shop in December 2016 and has combined more well-known (and savored) pastries with Filipino flavors — Magsano was born in Manila. And after over 20 years of cooking experience that included training alongside French pastry chefs and as the owner of three restaurants in Japan, he opened the first bakery of its kind in southern Napa Valley.

Le Paris Artisan Cafe

3921 Broadway St, American Canyon, CA 94503, USA