Jack & Bernice Newell Open Space Preserve

  • 7000 Newell Dr, American Canyon, CA 94503
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In 1999, Jack and Bernice Newell donated the beautiful Jack & Bernice Newell Open Space Preserve property to the City of American Canyon in the Napa Valley. This preserve includes 620 acres due east of the City connected by a panhandle along Newell Creek.

The park opened to hikers and bikers in June, 2014, with the help of local volunteers and boy scouts.

There is  one major trail in the park. The first mile of the hike borders lush green farmland. You will pass a decaying barn nestled at the bottom of a hill. After another half mile you will reach a fork. This is the beginning and end of the loop. You can take either direction, but starting right will give you immediate views. From here you will climb to an altitude of 830 feet as you hike around the canyon.

After circling the canyon, and once you begin walking under the massive cable towers, you will meet another fork. To the right is Lynch Canyon, another beautiful open space that borders the park. To stay in Newell Open Space, take a left.

Please note that trails at Newell Open Space can be rugged, and we share this space with nearby cattle.

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Download a trail map and hit the trail! Here’s more information.

Jack & Bernice Newell Open Space Preserve

7000 Newell Dr, American Canyon, CA 94503, USA