Le Paris Artisan & Gourmet Cafe - American Canyon Napa Valley

Le Paris Artisan & Gourmet Cafe

Le Paris Artisan & Gourmet Cafe serves up impeccably made, French-inspired baked goods and sandwiches that are an American Canyon favorite. While the shop has only been open for a few years, they’ve already left their mark with decadent treats and savory snacks for all to love right here in American Canyon.

Owner slash pastry chef, Jay Magsano, opened the shop in December 2016 and has combined more well-known (and savored) pastries with Filipino flavors — Magsano was born in Manila. And after over 20 years of cooking experience that included training alongside French pastry chefs and as the owner of three restaurants in Japan, he opened the first bakery of its kind in southern Napa Valley.


Fan favorites include iconic treats like croissants and macarons, but Magsano has updated the norm with creative concoctions including their Crispy Bacon and Maple Glazed Croissants, Ube Ensayma, Soft Bun Purple Yam, and something really special, their CroPuffs. A CroPuff is a Le Paris Artisan creation and is a delicate, sweet cream puff crossed with a flaky croissant.

But get them all while they’re hot — literally — because the bakery believes in freshness. Magsano is up before many head to sleep, mixing, whipping, and perfecting new menu items, and once they’re gone for the day, they’re gone. The bakery makes each delight in small batches and uses only the finest ingredients and techniques.

Looking for a special occasion cake or dessert or potential catering for an upcoming event? Le Paris Artisan & Gourmet Cafe can take care of that too. Offering custom goods for small or large gathering, let their everyday favorites (and your favorite items) add flavor to any celebration.


Open every day but Monday, stop by early to get the pick of the litter and enjoy a cup of Moschetti coffee, a local, American Canyon roaster. Or come by for lunch and dig into a menu of signature sandwiches, all made-to-order, and offering gourmet meats and cheeses and unique homemade sauces.

And we’re not the only ones singing Le Paris Artisan & Gourmet Cafe’s praises. Here’s what past guests are saying about the bakery’s sweet sensations on Yelp:

“My bf and I had a chance to stop by this morning and tried a good handful of items and I must say that each and every single one did not disappoint! We tried a regular CroPuff, as well as the CroPuff drizzled with chocolate, a Meyer Lemon Bar, a Caramel Cream Morning Bun and the best Almond Croissant a girl could ask for! Also got to meet the owner – nice guy! We definitely plan to frequent this place!” — Mitch B

“Almond croissant (SOOOO GOOD, perfectly layered with a nice crunch at every bite), bacon cronut (a taste of sweet and savory at every bite), creme puff and of course red white and blue macarons. I would come back here just for the almond croissant. It’s that good. I wish they have one in LA.” —  Jackie W

“So hard to pick just one. We went to Le Paris to pick up breakfast pastries for 3 people but ended up leaving with enough to feed way more. Everything on display looked so appealing and tasty that we just had to try almost everything. We ordered a Nutella brioche, Creme Brulee Brioche, Morning Bun Special, Almond Croissant, Sticky Bun, and of course a few CroPuffs.  We had a bite of each item and everything made us go “WOW!” Everything was amazing. Le Paris is our new favorite pastry spot in the area.” —

Effie D


Satiate your sweet tooth, and on your next visit to American Canyon, make plans to stop by Le Paris Artisan & Gourmet Cafe. 3921 Broadway Street American Canyon, CA 94503, (707) 731-0948